“When children are born so small there is very little you can do much of the time as a parent, you do look forward to those nappy changes to help you feel like a parent and to feel as though you are contributing to the care of your child.” Nicole O’Brien – mother to Matisse born at 27 weeks

Bidibots is a company dedicated to addressing the unique requirements of fragile and vulnerable premature babies. Our experienced staff have clinical backgrounds and extensive experience in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. Having this hands-on experience has helped to develop, the market leading products now exclusively available at Bidibots. Not only do these products address specific healthcare needs of the premature baby at birth, but also prevent future health concerns and conditions, which stem from inappropriate product use during the critical development stages following birth.

So often in life, great accomplishments are made with utilisation of a focused and devoted team effort. Being well recognised for the hard work, support and resulting accomplishments that Miracle Babies Foundation has achieved for premature babies, their families and clinical staff alike, we are pleased and proud of the recognition they have given, of our expertise in this area of healthcare.

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